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Will The flavor ban Affect the Cannabis Industry?

Following seven deaths and hundreds of lung-related illnesses reported across 33 states since August, the Trump administration has wasted no time in taking action, even though the cause of the outbreak is yet to be identified by health officials. In a move targeted particularly at

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Portable Vaporizer reviews

Dynavap M Vs. Omnivap XL Titanium – The Fight is On

Do you ever get that feeling life is too mechanized, too controlled? What would our ancestors, who used herbs to connect with nature, think of the mishmash of chipsets and gadgetry that are vaporizers today? Hankering for a return to a simpler connection with my

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How to Talk to Your Kids About Cannabis

Written By Evan Kaden Every parent has their own way of talking to their kids about cannabis, but for some, the task may be easier said than done. It’s not an easy thing to sit your children down and talk to them about drugs. Even

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Portable Vaporizer reviews

DaVinci IQ Review – A Portable Masterclass!

DaVinci IQ – First Impressions The very first thing that hit me about the DaVinci IQ as I lifted it out of the box was its impressive weight and feel. The smooth, ergonomically-shaped body made of anodized aluminum features a 51-dot LED display that sits

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a selection of 6 cannnabis strains that are great for vaporizers
Guides & Tutorials

6 Perfect Cannabis Strains for Vaping – A Mini Guide!

Cannabis has gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of decades and has now been legalized in many states in America and all across Canada for medicinal use. Some states like California have also legalized the recreational use of the herb.  Anyone who

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How to Make Marijuana dabs at home?

Marijuana is just the Mexican term used for cannabis. Ancient Asians were making the most of the plant by using it as herbal drugs and not just to get high. The plant initially evolved around Central Asia, and their medicinal use started around 500 BC.

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