A little bit ABOUT ME


My Mission

Hi, My name is Jack OG
It is my mission to help people stop combustion of their cannabis and lead healthier lives.
I aim to do this by taking the second-guessing away from the your decisions in relation to cannabis vaporizing devices.
I will run through many tips and tricks plus have full reviews on as many products as I can get my hands on.
I have a simple approach to what makes a great Cannabis vaporizer, and I will review everything with my honest and unbiased opinion.
Every product I try out will have been rigorously tested by myself and my friends using our combined decades of experience with cannabis use.
I will dive into the Durability, Usability, Efficiency, Vapor Quality and many more factors that will help you make the right choice.
I will also go into detail about other like recipes, help guides and the likes.
Thanks again Jack OG

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