Boundless Tera V3 Review – I’m Sure It’s Actually a Cloud machine!

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My Review of the Boundless tera V3
Boundless Tera Weed Vape Review

The hunt for your perfect vape can be a long one, sometimes filled with buyer’s remorse. You go for the latest and greatest cannabis vaporizer, yet it hasn’t had all the kinks worked out in production, and you’re left disappointed.

But, it is nice when companies step up and listen to their customers and their issues. Boundless for the most part, have been on top of their customer care and as a result, have replaced the many defective Tera devices they first released.

They have been quite impressive in their response.

In this review of the Boundless Tera, I will cover my overall experiences with the device and I will break it down into manageable sections.

Build Quality95
Discretion 80
Vapor Quality75
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Reasonable Heat up Time
Good Extraction of Herb
Good Flavor
2 x 18650 Replaceable Batteries
Very Potent
Customer Care
Hot Vapor
Not Very Discreet
Bulky Device
Long Charging Time
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Boundless & The Tera

Boundless established 2016 with the goal of spreading aromatherapy awareness at an affordable price. They have released many top dog vaporizers, for example, the Boundless CFV and similarly, the CFX.

They have offered a decent range to battle the likes of The Mighty, DaVinci and The Pax but on a budget. I’d say at this point, probably deserving a place in the top budget vapes on most retailer sites.

Boundless Tera V3 Review - I'm Sure It's Actually a Cloud machine! 1

The Boundless Tera is now on its 3rd and final version, having sorted out all issues with this cloud machine. The first two versions had questionable heater materials and some, a weird taste.

As a result, they needed a redesign. The third version has also been cleaned up and has only stainless steel and ceramic in the heater and chamber. This is where I decided to jump in and buy one

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Quick thoughts on the device

I have been testing the Tera for about four months, and I change my feelings about it regularly. I want to love it, for the most part, it has everything. Fast heat up time, interchangeable batteries, it’s full convection and comes with great accessories that allowed me to hit it through my water pipe straight out of the box.

It can also do concentrates and is a solid, hard-hitting beast. It has everything I love about a vape in one go. But, it can get a bit to hot sometimes. Boundless got ‘almost’ everything on point.

Let take a more in-depth look at the Tera, and I will share my experience and views on this lung-busting daze machine.

Device Overview

Boundless Tera V3 Review - I'm Sure It's Actually a Cloud machine! 2

The Boundless Tera Vaporizer is a well designed portable convection device for use with both herb and wax concentrates.

The ergonomic and solid build of this vape feels surprisingly good in your hand, especially given its size. I mean, it is a chunk of a device but to make up for that, it holds 2 x 18650 batteries.

Everyone that vapes their cannabis through a portable vaporizer knows that battery power alone can generally pique one’s interest. Why do you think the Ghost MV1 does so well?

Boundless Tera V3 Review - I'm Sure It's Actually a Cloud machine! 3

The Tera has a metal body encased in plastic with a nice rubber coating and a basic digital screen. It has three buttons to control it, two at the side for changing the temperature and also, flipping between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

The fire button is at the front, just five clicks to turn the device on or off. Once on hold the same button for another 3 seconds for the device to start heating.

It will ramp up to temp in about 30 to 40 seconds with the session lasting about 5 minutes.

Boundless Tera V3 Review - I'm Sure It's Actually a Cloud machine! 4

The stainless steel chamber holds up to .4 grams and works best with a full, lightly packed oven. You can get away with smaller amounts, but as I’m sure you can imagine, this is no micro-dosers dream device.

However, if you are looking for a lung-busting vape on a budget over the likes of the Ghost, Tubo Evic etc, and one that you can pass between friends, then this could be it.

The Contents of the box was a dream

Now, this is one part of this device I especially did love. Along with the Boundless Tera Vaporizer, they also supplied two 18650 batteries, a USB Cable, a glass mouthpiece, a cleaning brush, stirring tool, two spare mouthpiece screens, five chamber screens, a concentrate pad, owners manual, the warranty card.

And best of all for me, the universal water-pipe adaptor.

Boundless Tera V3 Review - I'm Sure It's Actually a Cloud machine! 5

As we all know, or you will soon find out, vaporizer accessories are expensive, by the time you get everything you want you have almost paid double so given the price of the actual device, Boundless thereby deserve credit here.

The Tera Experience

What can I say, The Tera is a device for a particular user type. It’s an absolute steam train of a vape. If you love big potent clouds and have lungs of steel… or a good water pipe, then you could be a very happy vape connoisseur.

Especially when it comes to using the INCLUDED water pipe adaptor. In fact, Like my Grasshopper Vaporizer, it is the best way to use the device due to the heat.

Overall I found it to be an enjoyable experience after I got used to it. 

In the next few parts we will break down the review into the sections we think matter the most!

Build Quality

Boundless tera fits nicely in the hand

Solid, bulky no thrills device that is very ergonomic. The curvature and weight of this two battery monster make it feel like a rock in your hand. Well, a nice soft rubber rock.

It has a simple but effective digital interface. I’m sure it’s a vape you could bounce off the ground, and it would keep on working (I haven’t tested this one so don’t go trying it).

Both the battery door and the mouthpiece doors are held in place by strong magnets, and in conclusion, everything clicks into place nicely. I’ve never had them release on me while vaping or transporting the Tera.

Boundless tera removable batteries

The charge port seems pretty solid, it has a standard micro USB for easy charging, and the batteries are removable so I’d recommend getting a portable charger like this Nitecore i4 that I have. Make sure it is genuine.

The Tera looks like it could take on anything and survive. It isn’t a shiny, sleek vaporizer and it’s not trying to be either. It’s a no thrills cloud puncher set to vaporize anything you pack in it.

Discretion and Portability

Boundless Tera V3 Review - I'm Sure It's Actually a Cloud machine! 6

As I pointed out earlier, this isn’t a small device, and it doesn’t give off discrete clouds.

If you’re out and about and you need discretion, you will likely need to find somewhere to hide. But on a positive note, the ergonomic shape makes it surprisingly easy to get good hand coverage on it.

If I am taking it out, I prefer to stick it in a backpack. I’ve taken it up mountains, on dog walks and friends houses with ease this way.

It’s probably not the ideal vape for a public place. unlike most vapes the smell from the Boundless Tera is potent and the clouds can be significant when releasing the draw so definitely something to watch out for when outdoors.  

Also, make sure when you have finished the bowl that you empty it between sessions, to stop it from stinking up your backpack. And, remember to keep your AVB for future use

Vapor Quality

With most convection devices the vapor tends to be hotter as you have to heat the air to get it to extract the herbal goodies, the Tera is no exception to this. The heater on this unit can ramp up to 220C/428F at an impressive speed giving you all the heat necessary to vape your chosen herbs.

Boundless tera through the waterpipe

There’s a bit of a learning curve to the draw. I prefer to give it a few quick cigar like puffs. That brings the heat through the herb thus making my longer draw more flavourful and enjoyable.

You can expect the first few hits to be delicious with lung-busting clouds. As the session goes on, I have found the last few draws get very hot. This is where the included water pipe adaptor comes in useful.

I have found myself getting decent clouds with this thing at 350F (175C) which doesn’t happen with other devices. I think there may be some inaccuracies with the heater but once you find the right temperature for you, stick with it.

In short, the vapor quality is flavorsome, robust and fulfilling, but if you have any lung sensitivity, it may be too hot for you to handle so the addition of a water pipe will always go down well.

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If you are looking for a vaporizer that vapes well with a small pinch of weed, then I’m amazed you even got this far. The Tera has a big oven and likes to milk bongs with big old rips that will knock you for six, so efficiency isn’t a strong point.

As previously stated, you can stuff almost half a gram at a time into the Boundless Tera, but I’ve had it working well with about .3g to .4g. So, it’s safe to say it’s not conservative with the use of the herb.

You’re not going to be getting by on small amounts of weed with this thing, but it is extracting the bowl with precision which will, therefore, leave you feeling satisfied, if not, with a little bit of a dry throat


One of the only thing the Boundless Tera does efficiently is, get you high. The fantastic heater helps create big clouds which are potent. You will be feeling the effects after a few draws.

It’s almost as hard-hitting as some of the better desktop vaporizers, especially with the water pipe. I’ve seen myself not needing to hit the whole bowl as it gets me where I want to be after 3 or 4 draws.

Battery & Charging

Boundless tera micros usb charging

The Tera has battery life covered with a run time of around 50 minutes or up to 10 sessions from its two user replaceable 18650 cells.

It has a nice sturdy Micro USB port but, Sadly it doesn’t incorporate pass-through charging, and Boundless recommends not to try. 

It’s also recommended to buy a spare set and have one set charging while the other is in use

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Cleaning and Maintenance

Boundless tera cleaning is easy

Keeping things clean and healthy isn’t a worry with the Tera. If you hate cleaning vapes, this is a pretty low maintenance device. All three mouthpieces can be easily disassembled, soaked in isopropyl alcohol then given a wipe.

You can also remove the screens from the oven, soak them in alcohol then clean the bowl itself with a q-tip.

I’ve found if you are vigilant about emptying the bowl it very rarely needs a deep clean, definitely a vape for the lazy types.

The Final Puff

Through my months of testing the Boundless Tera, it has had me on some pretty good highs and comes with me on some great walks and adventures. Quick sessions anywhere are what the Tera does best.

It’s a great portable vaporizer for someone who wants to take big draws that deliver some strong but hot clouds. It’s easy to share with friends and come into its own when paired with a water pipe or bong, definitely my favorite way to use it!

Almost competing with some desktop units on cloud production, full convection heating meaning flavor is excellent and the ability to change batteries whenever you want. What’s not to like? Oh yeah, the heat.. but to be fair to Boundless,

I don’t think you will find a vaporizer that packs a punch this easily, with such a high level of potency in this price range.

Boundless tera is a powerful beast of a dry herb and concentrate vaporizer

It has found a place with me as I love convection devices and having a portable unit is a must for me. So, in conclusion, I like it… well until I burn my throat, Just kidding, It’s not that bad.

You can find the latest prices in you relevant country by clicking the links below.

The USA,  Canada The UK

If you like what you read or have any different experiences get in touch and leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts.

Stay Elevated

Jack OG

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