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Vapes in the hood is a Cannabis Related Blog with thousands of readers every month. We began writing articles to help people make the switch into Vaping Cannabis. We have now decided to open it up to cover the entire Cannabis World so this is where you come in. In an effort to turn vapeinthehood.com into a community blog, We are opening it up to Guest Posts. I encourage upcoming bloggers to contribute a completely original article related to the cannabis industry. The purpose of this is to help you reach out to a new audience, share your talent, and perhaps most importantly, give something back to the Cannabis Community.

How To become a Contributor on Vapes in the Hood?

  • Head over to the Homepage and check out some of our Articles to see what kind of articles we publish.
  • Write Content that is focused on adding value to the blog and the readers.
  • You have to be a blogger or a genuine reader who has something to share with the community.

Here are a few of the topics we are happy to cover.

  1. Cannabis Vaporizers – from dry herbs vapes to vape carts and ejuice.
  2. All Recipes – Recipes of all kinds from how to make dabs to homemade brownies, and .balms, creams etc.
  3. Health – Anything related to health issues as long as they are backed up with reference links from reputable sources.
  4. CBD products and health information
  5. Growing – from grow diaries to tutorials and everything in-between.
  6. Almost anything in the industry. (If you are unsure if your article fits the above categories, drop me a message and ask.

A few things to remember before you submit a post.

  • Quality: Articles should be a minimum of 1200 words. They should cover the chosen topic in detail. No one likes an incomplete article. To ensure your guest post gets accepted, you should write a completely original post, which is written for the Vapes in the Hood audience.
  • Images: Images often make a post so please add some, try and add a featured image that grabs the reader’s attention. Keep images relevant.
  • Give Credit: Vapes in the Hood Respects other peoples work so if your idea is a derivative of someone’s work, feel free to give them credit. The same for images that you use on your post. Please give credit where it is required.
  • Self Promotion: You will have the opportunity to add backlinks if you are linking to a relevant article you have written. You can also add details about you, the writer and a link to your blog at the end of the post.
  • Answer Comments: If you receive any comments on your article, We would like it if you answered them. This will give you more exposure.
  • Copyright: I respect everyone’s work. if we find out that you copied a post from somewhere, you will be banned immediately and the immediate removal of your blog posts. By submitting a post to vapesinthehood.com, you give us copyright ownership of the post. This means we can deal with any DMCA related issues.

Please note that we don’t accept all posts. We actually reject more than we accept because most people are just looking for a quick backlink and send it in a rubbish article. There is no point in wasting your time if that is what you want.

Contribute to Vapes in the Hood.

If you have read all the above and are ready to post an article, Fill in the form below. If you have any questions, use the contact form on the Contact Us page.

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